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17 Snapchat ad examples (and why they work)

Category:   Snapchat Ads > Ad Types/Ad Examples

Author: | Source: PPC Hero Blog

How To Create State-of-the-Art Campaign Proposals

Category:   Google Search Ads > Agencies/Partners

Author: | Source: Jeff Bullas Blog

How to Create Professional Video Ads That Convert

Category:   YouTube Ads > Ad Creation/Ad Examples / Facebook Ads > Video Ads

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The 4 Key Signs Your Marketing and Sales Teams Aren't Aligned

Category:   LinkedIn Ads > Sales & Marketing Alignment

Author: | Source: Neil Patel Blog

How to Optimize Your Videos Through YouTube Analytics Data

Category:   YouTube Ads > Analytics/Metrics

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7 Easy Google Analytics Reports to Improve Conversions

Category:   Google Analytics > Tips/Best Practices

Author: | Source: Perfect Search Media

Uncovering UX (Part 3): Best Practices for Lead Generation

Category:   Landing Pages > General/Best Practices


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Setting up Google Analytics within the AP Guidelines

Category:   Google Analytics > Privacy/PII/GDPR/CCPA

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Facebook CCPA: What Advertisers Need to Know

Category:   Facebook Ads > Privacy/PII/GDPR/CCPA

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Ads

Category:   LinkedIn Ads > General/Introductions

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How to check if Google Tag Manager is Working?

Category:   Google Tag Manager > Mistakes/Debugging

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PPC for Black Friday: Top Tips for 2020

Category:   Google Search Ads > Seasonal/Holiday / Facebook Ads > Seasonal/Holiday

Author: | Source: Mainstreet ROI Blog

15 Stats That Prove Google Ads Are A Great Investment For Your Business

Category:   Google Search Ads > Statistics/Data

Author: | Source: Online Optimism Blog

Online Optimism’s Google Ads Extensions Guide

Category:   Google Search Ads > Ad Extensions