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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your PPC Account

Category: Bing Ads > Tips/Best Practices

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Ad quality year in review 2018

Category: Bing Ads > Ad Types/Ad Copy

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23 Remarkable Twitter Statistics to Be Aware of in 2019

Category: Twitter Ads > Trends/Statistics

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Growing a Content Site? Here are 8 Ways to Understand What Works

Category: Google Analytics > Content Analysis

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Bing Ads bad account takedowns doubled in 2018

Category: Bing Ads > Ad Types/Ad Copy

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How Retargeting Can Help You Achieve a Better ROI

Category: Google Search Ads > Remarketing/RLSA / Facebook Ads > Retargeting


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A Pinterest IPO Could Mean Good News For Users & Marketers

Category: Pinterest Ads > Trends/Statistics

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Inventory Filters in Google Ads Campaigns

Category: Google Shopping Ads > Tips/Best Practices

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Analyzing the Impact of Multi-Brand Shared Keywords

Category: Google Search Ads > Brands/Competitors

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How to Use Facebook to Learn More About Your Audience

Category: Facebook Ads > Audiences/Targeting

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The Importance of Tracking Conversions on YouTube

Category: YouTube Ads > Analytics/Metrics

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How to Write Effective Facebook Sponsored Posts

Category: Facebook Ads > Ad Copy/Ad Text

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Why Is My New YouTube Video Ad Active But Not Running?

Category: YouTube Ads > Tips/Best Practices

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Can You Use HTML5 Ads and Content on Google Ads?

Category: Google Display Ads > Ad Types/Creation