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How to tackle rising Facebook CPAs

Category: Facebook Ads > Cost/Budget/CPC/CPA/ROI

Author: | Source: System Envy Blog

Facebook Ads FAQ Series: How Long Should I Boost a Post?

Category: Facebook Ads > Tips/Best Practices

Author: | Source: CedCommerce Blog

A guide to setting up Google Ads conversion tracking

Category: Google Search Ads > Conversion Tracking

Author: | Source: Jason Burlin Blog

The Death of PPC Ads

Category: Google Search Ads > Cost/Budget/CPC/CPA/ROI

Author: | Source: Google Security Blog

Disruptive ads enforcement and our new approach

Category: Google Shopping Ads > Ad Fraud/Click Fraud

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How to Boost Your Conversion Rate with Two-Step Opt-In Forms

Category: Landing Pages > Design/Layout


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Understanding Facebook and Google Ads: No PhD Required

Category: Facebook Ads > Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

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How to Create a Landing Page for High Conversions in 7 Steps

Category: Landing Pages > General/Best Practices

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What is Facebook Pixel and How to Use It – a Definitive Guide

Category: Facebook Ads > Pixel

Author: | Source: Ignite Social Media Blog

The State of Social Ad Spend 2020

Category: Facebook Ads > Statistics/Data / Twitter Ads > Trends/Statistics / LinkedIn Ads > Statistics/Data

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3 Metrics to Make a Good Impression with Google Ads

Category: Google Search Ads > Metrics/KPI

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Are High Shipping Prices Killing Your Ecommerce Sales?

Category: Google Shopping Ads > Tips/Best Practices

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10 Ways Businesses Can Use Snapchat

Category: Snapchat Ads > General/Introductions

Author: | Source: Social Media Today

Snapchat Launches 'Swipe up to Call' Ads in the US

Category: Snapchat Ads > Ad Types/Ad Examples