YouTube Ads: Ad Types/Formats

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Author: | Source: CPC Strategy Blog

Google Adds Call-to-action Extensions for YouTube Ads

Author: | Source: Marketing Land

YouTube sunsetting call-to-action overlays in favor of new ad extension

Author: | Source: Google Ads Help Announcements

New call-to-action extension available for video ads

Author: | Source: Vidooly Blog

YouTube Is Testing A New Ad Serving Format Called ‘Ad Pods’

Author: | Source: IMPACT Blog

YouTube Launching Ad Pods to Limit Disruption But Keep Advertisers Happy

Author: | Source: 3Q Digital Blog

YouTube Brand Lift Study: A Guide

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

YouTube to Test Showing Two Ads Before Videos

Author: | Source: Google Ads Help Announcements

Use Video ad sequencing to tell stories across screens and ad formats

Author: | Source: Brand Minds Blog

How to Create Effective 6-second Bumper Ads for YouTube


Author: | Source: Boostlikes Blog

Can You Choose a Non-Skippable Video on YouTube Ads?

Author: | Source: AdParlor Blog

YouTube Placements – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Author: | Source: Instapage Blog

Your Guide to Post-Roll Ads: What Are They, Ad Specs & Best Practices

Author: | Source: Think With Google Blog

3 marketing leaders explain how to cut through the noise with 6-second bumper ads

Author: | Source: Instapage Blog

YouTube Bumper Ads: 6 Seconds to Maximize Reach & Brand Awareness

Author: | Source: IMPACT Blog

So Long, Skip Button: YouTube Ads Can Now Be Unskippable

Author: | Source: Animoto Blog

Guide to the 3 Essential YouTube Ad Types