Twitter Ads: Audiences/Targeting

Recent blogs posts on defining user audiences and targeting options in Twitter Ads, including retargeting and Tailored Audiences


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4 Ways to Target B2B Audiences on Social Media

Author: | Source: 3Q Digital Blog

Use Force-Directed Graph Analysis to Mine Twitter User Insights for Advertising

Author: | Source: Boostlikes Blog

How to Create Ad Campaigns on Twitter’s Audience Platform

Author: | Source: Nanigans Blog

TIL: Twitter’s Conversation Targeting

Author: | Source: Brandwatch Blog

The 5 Minute Guide to Mastering Audiences on Twitter

Author: | Source: Twitter Marketing Blog

Defining what makes Twitter’s audience unique

Author: | Source: Hootsuite Blog

How to Define Your Target Market: A Guide to Audience Research

Author: | Source: Seer Interactive Blog

How to Use Twitter Audiences

Author: | Source: Vidooly Blog

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Tailored Audiences

Author: | Source: Twitter Business Blog

How to use event targeting on Twitter


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The beginner’s guide to Twitter ad targeting