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Recent blog posts on setting up data feeds for the Google Merchant Center in Google Shopping Ads


21 – 40 / 60 Blog Posts

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Product data feed optimizations: the most common edits

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E-Commercial 2018 – Successful Product Feed Optimisation

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Success with Google Shopping, Part 3: Merchant Center Setup

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Setting Up Shipping in Google Merchant Centre: T-Time with Tillison

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How To Fix Your Google Shopping Feed Without Going Crazy

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Holiday Feed Strategy: Including Key Terms in Your Google Shopping Feed


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Google Merchant Center: the what, why, and how to master it

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Get More Revenue With Your Google Shopping Data Feed

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GTINs and Why You Need Them in Google Shopping: T-Time with Tillison

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Are Custom Labels Part of Your Google Shopping Strategy?

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Google’s Advanced Feed Management: The Good, The Bad and The New

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Google Merchant Center Product Feed Specification

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Google Shopping feed specification updates for 2018 are here

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Google Merchant Center for Beginners: Getting Started with Google!

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Google Shopping Feed Specifications Updates for 2018

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2018 Google Shopping Feed Specification Updates