Google Search Ads: Metrics/KPI

Recent blog posts on important metrics and key-performance indicators (KPIs) to watch for in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), including impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and impression share


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Author: | Source: Tillison Blog

Google Ads Absolute Top Metrics: T-Time with Tillison

Author: | Source: Disruptive Advertising Blog

4 Ways to Maximize Your Google Ads Impression Share

Author: | Source: Anicca Blog

Using Search Impression Share Metrics To Your Advantage

Author: | Source: PPC Hero Blog

Google’s New Ad Position Metrics: Rethinking Average Position

Author: | Source: MoreVisibility Blog

Google Ads Unveils Four New Search Ad Position Metrics

Author: | Source: Seer Interactive Blog

What You Need to Know About Google’s New Search Ad Position Metrics

Author: | Source: Clix Marketing Blog

New Ad Position Metrics in Google Ads

Author: | Source: PPC hubbub Blog

Google Ads Introduces New Search Ads Position Metrics


Author: | Source: PPC Land Blog

Google rolls out search ad position metrics

Author: | Source: Search Engine Land

Google Ads intros new ad position metrics

Author: | Source: Google Ads Help Announcements

Introducing four new search ad position metrics

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Ads Improves its Search Ad Metrics With Clearer Insights

Author: | Source: Instapage Blog

The 5 Primary Things to Know About Google AdWords Impression Share

Author: | Source: Adworld Experience Blog

Search Network Impression Share is now (almost) in Real Time

Author: | Source: Media Genesis Blog

Analytic Metrics 101: Part 2 Acronyms in AdWords

Author: | Source: StrategyBeam Blog

Everything You Need To Know About CTR In Google AdWords In Under 4 Minutes

Author: | Source: Databox Blog

The 10 Most-Important Google AdWords Metrics According to Our Data