Google Search Ads: Local/SMB

Recent articles on setting up local ads in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and other ads for small and medium businesses (SMB)


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Author: | Source: PPC Hero Blog

6 Tactics to Dominate Local PPC

Author: | Source: Search Engine Land

Local-Services ads appearing in Google Home voice results

Author: | Source: Disruptive Advertising Blog

4 Easy Strategies to Drive Local Traffic With Google Ads

Author: | Source: Acquisio Blog

How To Dominate Your Area With Google Local Service Ads

Author: | Source: Clix Marketing Blog

AdWords Express Officially Rolled Into Google Ads

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Ads Not Working for Your Small Brand? Try Something Different

Author: | Source: Tillison Blog

How Small Businesses Can Compete Against Big Brands in PPC

Author: | Source: Ignite Visibility Blog

Google Local Services Ads: Should You Be Using Them?


Author: | Source: AdEspresso Blog

Google Ads For Local Businesses: 3 Smart Ways to Generate More Sales

Author: | Source: Vertical Leap Blog

Google Beacons: Proximity marketing is ready to take off in 2019

Author: | Source: Ignite Visibility Blog

What Google Beacon Means for Local Marketing

Author: | Source: Lyfe Marketing Blog

10 Easy Ways to Advertise with PPC for Small Businesses

Author: | Source: Cardinal Digital Marketing Blog

7 Effective Tactics to Increase Local Conversions with Google Ads

Author: | Source: KlientBoost Blog

Local Service Ads 101: Increasing Foot Traffic With Online Marketing

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Local Services Ads Receive 13% of All SERP Clicks [STUDY]

Author: | Source: Scout Digital Training Blog

Google Ads introduces local conversion actions

Author: | Source: Productsup Blog

Drive in-store foot traffic with Google Local Inventory ads

Author: | Source: Adhesion Blog

Do Google Ads Work for Small Business?