Google Search Ads: Cost/Budget/CPC/CPA/ROI


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Why You Should Optimize Your Account for ROAS, Not Conversion Volume

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Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) vs. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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How do your numbers compare? Google Ads Benchmarks in Q3 2018

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4 Hacks To Exploit A High Google Ads Cost Per Click

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How to Calculate Your Google Ads Budget

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PPC Budgets vs. Bids: What’s the Difference?

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What is ROAS? The Guide to Improving Your Return on Ad Spend

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Diagnosis tool of Google Ads now allows changes directly on the tool

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Can a Mobile Site Reduce Your Google Ads Cost Per Click?


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Why First Position Can Hurt the ROI of Your Ads

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Why Does Google Ads Exceed My Set Daily Budget?

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How to Measure the Efficiency of Your PPC Investments

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CPA Projections: How Much Money Does Ad Spend Really Get Me?

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Best Practices for Calculating and Mastering Your PPC Budget

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How Much Does Google Advertising Cost? Find Out In This Free Guide

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The Most Expensive Keywords on Google – Anniversary Edition

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Stop Google Ads Budget Overspend with This Simple Script

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Quickly act on changes in your campaigns with the ad group shift insight

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How Much Should You Expect to Spend on an AdWords Marketing Campaign?