Google Search Ads: Attribution

Recent articles on attribution modelling in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), including first-click, last-click, linear, time-decay, position-based, and data-driven attribution


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Author: | Source: Smart Insights Blog

How to optimize your Google Ads conversion journey

Author: | Source: Google Ads Help Announcements

Adding cross-device activity to all attribution reports

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Ads Brings Cross-Device Activity Data to All Attribution Reports

Author: | Source: AdEspresso Blog

Google Ads Attribution Models: Which Is Right For Your Campaign?

Author: | Source: Innovell Blog

Where does Paid Search fit into the user journey?

Author: | Source: Karooya Blog

PPCChat | Attribution | Oct 23, 2018

Author: | Source: Tillison Blog

Google AdWords Attribution: T-Time with Tillison

Author: | Source: Search Foresight Blog

A new attribution model available on Adwords

Author: | Source: WordStream Blog

3 Strategies Anyone Can Use to Attribute Success Beyond the Last Click


Author: | Source: Adalysis Blog

How to Use Attribution Models to Make Data Driven PPC Decisions

Author: | Source: Rakuten Marketing Blog

Assessing Attribution in AdWords

Author: | Source: Koozai Blog

Attribution 101: Google Analytics and AdWords

Author: | Source: SEM Consultants Blog

How Switching AdWords Search Attribution Will Benefit Your AdWords Campaign

Author: | Source: Invoca Blog

How Google Last-Click Attribution Sends Marketing Astray

Author: | Source: CPC Strategy Blog

Advertising Experts Test The Google Data-Driven Attribution Model

Author: | Source: Kubix Digital Blog

AdWords Attribution: Who Is Gonna Be Google’s Next Top Model?