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Recent articles on Business-to-business (B2B) and sales-related topics in Google Analytics, lead-generation tracking, and Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) data


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Author: | Source: Google Marketing Platform Blog

A deeper connection between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud

Author: | Source: KoMarketing Blog

How to Use Data in B2B Content Marketing

Author: | Source: Supermetrics Blog

Google InMarket Leads: a Complete Overview

Author: | Source: iBeam Blog

Google Analytics and B2B IP Tracking

Author: | Source: Practical Ecommerce Blog

Using Google Analytics to Compete with Amazon

Author: | Source: Google Analytics Implementation Guides and Solutions

Integrating CRM Data with Google Analytics to create Google Ads Remarketing Audiences

Author: | Source: SCG Group Blog

The Google Analytics Insights You Should Be Using for B2B

Author: | Source: Seer Interactive Blog

New Integration – Google Analytics 360 + Salesforce Cloud


Author: | Source: Google Marketing Platform Blog

Integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud to Google Analytics 360 is now available

Author: | Source: Bounteous Blog

Automatically Import Salesforce Data into Google Analytics 360