Facebook Ads: Privacy/PII/GDPR

Recent articles on privacy-related issues and settings, Facebook privacy policy, personally identifiable information (PII), and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


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How Facebook’s Upcoming Privacy Changes Will Impact Advertisers

Author: | Source: Clix Marketing Blog

How to See Your Facebook Ad Preferences

Author: | Source: Facebook Newsroom

Why Am I Seeing This? We Have an Answer for You

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Facebook Privacy Updates and Interest-Based Ad Model

Author: | Source: The House of Marketing Blog

GDPR in force: what is the impact on your Google Ads and Facebook strategy?

Author: | Source: AdEspresso Blog

Facebook Ad Transparency Tool: What It Can and Can’t Do


Author: | Source: 9 Clouds Blog

Make Your News Feed Yours: How to Update Which Ads You See on Facebook

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Facebook Lets Users See All Ads a Page is Running

Author: | Source: Facebook Newsroom

A New Level of Transparency for Ads and Pages

Author: | Source: Facebook Business News

Introducing a New Info and Ads Section on Pages

Author: | Source: Facebook Developers Blog

Upcoming Requirements for Usage and Sharing of Custom Audiences

Author: | Source: Marketing & Growth Hacking Blog

How GDPR Will Impact Your Facebook Ads (In Short)

Author: | Source: ROI Hunter Blog

GDPR vs Facebook Pixel – Do I Need A Confirmation Pop-Up?

Author: | Source: Econsultancy Blog

Facebook's interest-based ad targeting highlights GDPR uncertainty