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Facebook is replacing the Relevance Score

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Facebook Ad Relevance Metric Updates

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RIP Relevance Score: Facebook Introduces 3 New Metrics

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4 Facebook Metrics That will Help You Create the Most Effective Ads

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The Difference Between Facebook Clicks

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How to Manage Facebook Ad Frequency


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Top 20 KPIs That Marketers Are Tracking [NEW RESEARCH]

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29 Advertisers On the Top 5 Facebook Ads Metrics for Measuring ROI

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The 5 Most Important Facebook KPIs

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating CPA Ads on Facebook

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Facebook Ads Frequency: 3 Techniques to Fight It in 2018

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What is an Ideal Facebook Ad Frequency?

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Updating Video Ad Metrics to Better Match the Ways People Watch

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The 10 Facebook Metrics That Every Marketer is Tracking [Original Data]