Facebook Ads: Audiences/Targeting

Recent articles on ad targeting and the available target audiences, interests, partner categories, the Facebook Audience Insights tool, and other targeting options in Facebook Ads


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4 Ways to Target B2B Audiences on Social Media

Author: | Source: John Chow Blog

What Facebook Insights Can Teach Your About Your Business

Author: | Source: Rocket Clicks Blog

10 Audiences You Should Be Targeting On Facebook

Author: | Source: Seer Interactive Blog

Facebook Removes Ad Targeting Options for Certain Industries

Author: | Source: Jon Loomer Blog

How to Duplicate a Saved Audience in Facebook Ads Manager

Author: | Source: Softcube Blog

How to Hit the Mark with Facebook Ad Targeting

Author: | Source: Clix Marketing Blog

How to See Your Facebook Ad Preferences

Author: | Source: KlientBoost Blog

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Your PPC Strategy

Author: | Source: Lightning AI Blog

What are interests on Facebook?


Author: | Source: PPC Hero Blog

Facebook Audience Overlap: What Is It And How To Avoid It

Author: | Source: IMPACT Blog

Facebook Fights Back Against Discriminatory Ad Targeting

Author: | Source: Jon Loomer Blog

Understanding “Recently In” Facebook Ad Location Targeting

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

How to Use Facebook to Learn More About Your Audience

Author: | Source: Search Engine Journal

Facebook Removes Targeting Options From Certain Ads to Fight Discrimination

Author: | Source: Main Street ROI Blog

[Facebook Case Study] Results From Testing 5 Different Targeting Options

Author: | Source: Lightning AI Blog

How to use interests on Facebook to your advantage

Author: | Source: ET Medialabs Blog

Guide to Target Different Types of Facebook Audience

Author: | Source: Lightning AI Blog

Facebook Ad Targeting: How to Use Interest Groups

Author: | Source: SevenAtoms Blog

Scale Your Facebook Paid Ads Campaign By Finding New Audiences