Digital Marketing Base is intended to serve as a central news hub for the PPC Marketing & Analytics community.

Hand-picked quality posts from industry blogs from all over the world are collected and referenced on a daily basis.

Great care is given to proper manual categorization in up to three subcategories per blog post.

In each category, blog posts are ordered by publication date (newest first) to boost currentness and relevancy. Blog data currently starts on 2018-01-01.

This enables the user to delve deeply into a topic and quickly leverage the most recent insights, knowledge, and best practices from the wealth of experts in our fast-changing industry.

Digital Marketing Base tries to combine the best of the three worlds of news channel, browsable directory, and searchable database in a fast, smooth, and easy-to-use experience across devices.

Selection of blog posts is made in a purely subjective manner. Perceived quality is based on my experience in the field which might include personal biases. Please note that references from this site cannot be bought in any way.

In order to keep the number of referenced posts at a reasonable number, blog posts of the following kind are currently not considered for inclusion: non-English posts, posts on third-party tools and services, articles without publication date, posts for single branches and verticals, articles with audio/video without transcription, and very short articles.

Names of blog-post authors are given if both first name and second name is given in the article.

Site search for blog-post titles works on sub-string level inside words - e.g. a search for "shop" finds titles containing "shopping" as well as "shoppers".

Partial compensation for the time to maintain the site is intended to arise from a (hopefully) moderate amount of ad placements.

This project is maintained by Christoph Gummersbach, German/English Google Ads/Analytics Communities Top Contributor/Product Expert since 2010, SMX speaker, seminar leader, and founder of Webfield Consulting. Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and XING.

I'd be more than happy to hear any feedback, suggestions, any missing topics or blog sources, typos etc. to improve this collection for common benefit. In this case, please drop me a note or comment on social media.